Imagine living a life of abundance, prosperity, joy and peace………

Sadly, this is not the case for a lot of us out there.

We at livingyour-dream are crazy about inspiring and guiding you to live your dream life.

Just like you, we are tired of hearing people – like those very close to us, talk about doing jobs they hate, about the lack of money, fear of changing jobs, making decisions… a list of excuses too long to register here! The facts are that they believe a dream life is impossible, unrealistic and beyond their capability – not something they can create for themselves.

We believe that life is full of possibilities – and as a team of writers and publishers we are totally dedicated to providing high quality information products and services to help you enjoy Amazing Life Transformations; Unbelievable Personal Income; Banish Your Limiting Beliefs; Incredible Self-Confidence and Empowering Self-Esteem.

As a thank you for visiting us we are giving you a free Ebook created by our friends at Evolution Ezine – “22 Powerful Tools to Transform Your Fear Into Happiness, Peace and Inspiration”

This book identifies FEAR as one of the strongest and most influential emotional responses available to us. It can work as both a protective and damaging force depending on the circumstances.

For a majority of us, FEAR can become a serious problem in our lives, stopping us from getting that dream job, meeting your soul mate, getting medical help or for some even going outside their home.

Fear is one of the main reasons that stop people from living the life of their dreams, even though they intensely desire better circumstances.

In this book you will discover 22 simple methods that will help you to transform your fear into more empowering feelings.

We recommend the following books for those who want to expand their knowledge about the emotion of fear:

Feel the fear and do it anyway” by Susan Jeffers- Vermilion- ISBN 978-0-09-190707-5

5 Steps to Overcoming Fear & Self-doubt” by Wyatt Webb- Hayhouse –ISBN 1-4019-0500-5

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